Set of 2 Vacuum Storage Bags


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You wanted to save space and time, and this set of 2 vacuum storage bags is the answer. Save 75% space!These storage bags will help to keep the place tidy : easy to use + exceptionally space-saving + complete visibility of your well-organised items.Optimum storage: Suits, jackets, ski pants, bulky winter clothing, covers, throws and duvets can all be quickly packed away in your new storage bags for well-organised cupboards.These storage bags will help you sort your clothes during your next spring clean. So easy to use: Place your clothes or duvets in the bags, use your vacuum cleaner to suck out the air and your storage is compacted instantly. Now all you need to do is pop the bags in the cupboard.What’s more, these vacuum storage bags are perfect for packing your holiday suitcase.Product Details: •  In transparent plastic. •  Heat-sealed zipper. •  Valve for suction using your vacuum cleaner. •  Protective cover for each of the bags.Dimensions: •  80 x 100cm.

Brand name: SO’HOME
Dimensions: ONE SIZE
Material: Transparent
EAN: 3613959490166
Additional data:
Merchant: La Redoute UK

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