Tanya Linoleum Coffee Table


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Sculptural coffee table with linoleum-covered top placed on a mocha-coloured metal base. This coffee table is available in 3 models to combine or separate to structure your space.Product Details •  Metal top covered with linoleum, a durable material with a matte finish •  Organic shape •  Thin and sculptural base in mocha-coloured metal •  Sold pre-assembled •  Linoleum inhibits bacterial growth and dramatically reduces cleaning and maintenance costs throughout life. Thanks to its unique double layer finish, it is very stain resistant. •  Linoleum is made from 97% natural raw materials. It is produced using 100% renewable electricity and is biodegradable in a controlled environment. •  Avoid placing hot objects on this table, the surface of a table must be protected with coasters . •  In case of scratches: rub the trace with the inside of a nut, the vegetable oils contained in the nut rehydrate the surface without making it shine. Then clean the entire surface properly after treatment.Dimensions •  Width : 100cm •  Height: 39cm •  Depth: 100cm Dimensions and weight of parcel •  L112 x H48 x D112cm •  54kg

Brand name: AM.PM
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Material: Black of Rome
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Additional data: ONE SIZE
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