Striped 100% Cotton Satin 300 Thread Count Bolster Pillowcase


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Silky and shimmering satin bolster case, very supple and soft. Best Quality with 2-year guarantee.Match this item with the rest of the bedding in the range for a stylish bedroom. And you can mix and match it with different colours and styles from our other bedding ranges when you want to change things up and create your own unique look.Product Details •  100% cotton •  300 Thread Count •  Machine washable at 60°C •  By washing your laundry at 40°C instead of 60°C, you limit energy consumptionSize •  85 x 185cm: Bolster caseResponsible product •  Choosing a “STANDARD 100 certified product by OEKO-TEX®” (official product designation) is all about choosing textiles that contain no harmful substances and do not irritate the skin. This international benchmark label protects the health of consumers. Healthy, safe and responsible.

Dimensions: 85X185CM
Material: Charcoal
EAN: 3614852653863
Additional data: 85X185CM
Merchant: La Redoute UK